Drop Temp Coffee Podcast

Drop Temp Coffee Podcast

Drop Temp Coffee is your freshly brewed podcast guide through the intricate world of coffee, hosted by the dynamic duo of coffee connoisseurship: Tim Howard from Blind Coffee Roasters and Keri Elliott of Roasted by Mom Coffee. Together, we're pouring over our experience to bring you the richest flavors of knowledge and inspiration in the coffee industry. Join us as we delve deep into the bean belt, sharing stories from the heart of coffee farms to the hustle and bustle of urban coffee shops. For coffee lovers and future moguls of the mug, looking to soak up insights on coffee culture.

Podcast Episodes

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#21: Farmer's Market Masterclass
July 05, 202400:55:0150.93 MB

#21: Farmer's Market Masterclass

So, you've got some coffee that you roasted with love, now what? This week, Tim and Keri spill the tea on everything you need to know about getting started with farmer's markets, from licenses and gear to the age old debate - to sample or not sample? You'll get some insight into pri...

#20: Eugene Jung - Touring Coffee Roasters
June 21, 202400:53:2049.36 MB

#20: Eugene Jung - Touring Coffee Roasters

Eugene Jung is the founder of Touring Coffee Roasters here in PDX. If you're looking for inspiration to solve a problem, begin your entrepreneurial journey, or start something new, this episode will blow you away. Eugene talks about his coffee journey that started in an Amazon warehouse just ...

#19: Home Coffee Bar
June 07, 202400:35:1732.67 MB

#19: Home Coffee Bar

This week Keri and Tim discuss their dream home barista set up, bare essentials to start your own and how to save some money if you're looking to level up or start your home barista journey. Mentioned in this episode: https://melodrip.co/ _____ Connect with Roasted By Mom: https://www.roa...

#18: Roaster Kat!
May 24, 202400:49:4846.1 MB

#18: Roaster Kat!

Latte art competitions? Automation? Drum roasters? Fave coffee experience vs. best-tasting coffee? Coffee origin trips? Industry gate-keeping? Today, Roaster Kat (Kat Melhiem) joins Tim and Keri to talk about everything coffee and more. If you're a roaster, coffee content creator, or indust...

Who We Are

Just a couple of hard-working entrepreneurs and business owners.


Tim Howard

Together with my wife, Holly, I helm Blind Coffee Roasters, LLC, a venture we've passionately grown since its inception in 2012. This journey of entrepreneurship not only fuels my passion for crafting exquisite coffee but also offers deep insights into the intricacies of business management and the unique challenges faced by small business owners.
This dual role of creator and custodian brings a rich sense of balance and perspective to my life. My dedication to the art of coffee roasting has been recognized with 19 international medals, a testament to our commitment to excellence. 



Keri Elliott

I grew up in Torrance, California where I also got my start in coffee by getting a job at Starbucks right after high school. I met my husband, Kevin, many years later and moved to Portland, Oregon in 2015 where we started our family and had our son Ethan.

In 2019 I started Elliott & Murrey Coffee Roasters and in 2023 we transitioned to Roasted By Mom Coffee. Aligining more into being what my messaging was about representation with women and mother's in the Specialty Coffee Industry.


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