Unveiling the Cost and Craft of Coffee Roasting
Drop Temp Coffee PodcastMarch 29, 202400:45:3542.19 MB

Unveiling the Cost and Craft of Coffee Roasting

In this segment, the hosts delve into the costs associated with operating a coffee-roasting enterprise. They discuss their expenditures, including purchasing coffee beans, rental fees, packaging materials, labor costs, and equipment expenses. Additionally, they touch upon the criteria they use when choosing coffee varieties, focusing on aspects like quality, flavor profiles, and market appeal. Tim and Keri also share their preferences regarding coffee flavors.

Explore how coffee consumption impacts blood sugar levels in individuals with diabetes. The conversation covers topics like the rising popularity of brews and the inclusion of cream and sugar in coffee preparations. Toward the end, Keri and Tim reminisce about their favorite cups of coffee from various establishments.

They then revisit starting a coffee roasting business by examining factors affecting production costs, and offer insights like pricing strategies for coffees, key learnings from their ventures, emphasizing branding strategies, SEO practices, and networking efforts.

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