What We Do Well Now
Drop Temp Coffee PodcastMarch 15, 202400:30:1227.95 MB

What We Do Well Now

In this reflective episode of the Drop Temp Coffee Podcast, Tim from Blind Coffee Roasters and Keri from Roasted by Mom Coffee take a moment to grind through the past, examining the beans of wisdom they've collected along their journey as owner-operators in the bustling coffee industry. With a blend of humility and pride, they discuss the pivotal changes they've implemented, the shots they wish they had pulled differently, and the valuable lessons that have shaped their businesses and personal growth. From the roasting process to customer service, listen in as they share their insights on what they've done well, the adjustments they've made, and the aromatic path of continuous improvement they're on. This episode is a must-listen for anyone steeped in the world of coffee or interested in the journey of entrepreneurship. A special thank you to our sponsor, Primo Roasting Equipment, for supporting this deep dive into the heart of coffee craftsmanship.

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Discover more about our passionate hosts and their coffee ventures:

Blind Coffee Roasters: https://www.blindcoffeeroasters.com

IG: @blind_coffee_roasters

Roasted by Mom Coffee: https://www.roastedbymom.com

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